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Mail sorters from American Mailroom are part of a line of mail center furniture is the largest in the industry. Our supplier has been designing and manufacturing mail center furniture and supplies for the mailing industry for more than 40 years. We have solid steel metal mail sorters for the production mail centers and a new modern line of wire metal mail sorters for the office environment. 

Metal Mail Sorters for Industrial, Commercial, Office, and Home Office Use
The all steel metal mail sorter line is available in eight frame sizes from 12” wide to 96” wide. Three different mail sorter depths; 12 ¼” letter, 15 ¾” legal, and 16 ½” for oversized mail. Four different individual shelf widths; 5”, 9 ½”, 11 ½” and 23”. A ½” shelf identification lip is located on the front edge of each shelf for easy labeling. Unlimited combinations of the above mail sorters can create the most efficient layout for any mail center. The exclusive modular design is an all welded construction sorter shell that interlocks as you stack them. This gives you more individual component options when your mail center changes or expands. Combine with our adjustable height tables and mail carts for an efficient mail operation.

If you need security for checks, cash, purchase orders or private patient mail locking security doors are available on the 60” and 36” wide mail sorters. Steel doors swing up and out of the way to expose the mail sorting pockets.
Double Sided Mail Sorters, Standard
The back panels are removable on all of our mail sorters so you can easily turn a closed back mail sort into an open back, two sided or double sided mail sorter. The only thing that's different between open and closed back sorters are the individual shelves that have a ½” shelf identification on both ends of the open back double sided mail sorter shelves.
Commercial Strength, Inside and Out
Shelves and sorter are finished with baked on enamel, powder coated and formulated for chip and corrosion resistance. Color choices in grey or putty.
Mail Sorters Catalog (Click Here)

Note: American Mailroom is a supplier of mail carts, mail sorters, canvas bags, commercial mailboxes and plastic totes.  We also carry residential mailboxes for business or consumer use.  We are your supplier of all the products you need to organize your mailroom and office.  Mail carts for distributing and sorting, mail sorters for processing and organizing office mail, locking commercial mailboxes for security of private mail, canvas mailbags for bulk mail and shipping and residential mailboxes for security of delivery.  Our canvas mailbags (with or without locks) come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles.  We also carry mail totes in different colors, similar to plastic totes from the post office for mail collection.  American has 50 styles of mail carts and wire carts, (with or without locking tops)  100s of modular mail sorters in many different sizes, and canvas bags ready to ship in 48 hours.   We also have a complete line of commercial mailboxes for indoor or outdoor use, in steel or aluminum all with security locking doors.  These commercial mailboxes can be fitted into walls or stand-alone.  Our residential mailboxes come in different styles and design and can have locks for security of mail.
Company History: American Mailroom is a subsidiary of American Security Cabinets, Inc., who has built secure cabinetry that collects and protects payments and important documents since 1976 from its headquarters at 120 Sixth Avenue North, Saint Cloud, Minnesota 56304. 

We take pride in our loyal employees who we think of as “family” since the average staff tenure is over 12 years. This experience goes into every cabinet we design, build and service for many decades ahead. When you need us, we will still be here for you. 

Every piece, part and hour of labor required to make an American Security Cabinet is from the USA. We use high grade, heavy gauge, brushed Stainless Steel that is continuously fold-welded and hand finished for a first-class appearance and long-lasting durability. 

As a way to make good on our claims above, we Absolutely Guarantee Your Satisfaction against any faulty workmanship for the life of its service to you. 

Our friendly staff of Service Representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have or of course, to place your order. Please call 1-800-538-7898. Thank you! 

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American Mailroom, P.O. Box 985 , St. Cloud MN 56302
Phone: 1-800-538-7898, Fax: 1-888-538-7898